Tips&TricksEffective home remedy tackles stubborn bathroom mold for overall cleanliness and health

Effective home remedy tackles stubborn bathroom mold for overall cleanliness and health

I make the mold remedy myself from 3 ingredients.
I make the mold remedy myself from 3 ingredients.
Images source: © Adobe Stock, TikTok | maho, mama_mila

9:01 PM EST, February 14, 2024

Regular bathroom cleaning is essential for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home and promoting health and hygiene. A too-high humidity level in the air coupled with inadequate ventilation often causes mold to grow on tap fittings, joints, and tiles. This mold can be stubborn and hard to eliminate, leading to panic. Instead of resorting to store-bought cleaners, you can create an effective household mold-killing agent using everyday kitchen items.

Preparing a mold removal solution

Everything you need to combat mold can be found in your home and doesn't have to cost a penny. Within 15 minutes, the unattractive black growth can vanish. Few people believe it is so straightforward to permanently eradicate accumulated bathroom mold. Often, we resort to incredibly potent, corrosive chemicals that can damage shower trays, bathtubs, joints, and tiles. Inhaling such strong fumes can also be very detrimental to our health, often leading to allergies and intense irritations.

Such a strategy can not only harm your health and fixtures but also be quite expensive. So, how can we fight bathroom mold quickly, affordably, and effectively? Home remedies can play a significant role here, with one proving particularly potent against black mold. You only need three ingredients to prepare this remedy: a sponge and a little patience.

A homemade remedy for bathroom mold

The best approach is to locate a sponge with a dispenser in your home, which will effectively reach those stubborn, moldy corners. If you cannot find such a gadget, don't worry; the technique will still work. To start, pour 2 tablespoons of dish soap into a bowl. This will instantly refresh and degrease the surface being cleaned. That's what @mama_mila did on her TikTok:

Next, add a touch of hydrogen peroxide, a potent mold-killing agent, to the mixture. Finally, introduce 20 drops of tea tree oil. Its antifungal properties will substantively halt the growth of mold in the bathroom. Apply the prepared solution to the black mold and leave it for 15 minutes. After rinsing it off with water, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a mold-free bathroom.

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