LifestyleEco-friendly and cost-effective ways to control garden weeds with household items

Eco‑friendly and cost-effective ways to control garden weeds with household items

How to get rid of weeds from the garden?
How to get rid of weeds from the garden?
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11:55 AM EST, February 6, 2024

Weeds can often be a nuisance. Despite meticulous removal, they continually grow back rapidly. Occasionally, regular weeding doesn't help. So, how do we efficiently and ecologically eliminate them? We have tested some methods.

DIY weed control

Sprays aren't always the most cost-effective solution for weed control. Often, we might unintentionally impact plants we wish to preserve in our garden. It could also affect the soil. So how do we get rid of unwanted garden intruders?

Vinegar could be a real game-changer, readily available in most kitchens. If not, it can be purchased for less than a dollar. By pouring vinegar into a spray bottle and applying it onto the weeds, they can be effectively managed, particularly on a sunny day. However, be wary of wind direction, as it can carry the vinegar to other plants.

Baking soda: a boon in the battle against weeds

Gardening can be a relaxing endeavour for many. Some garden enthusiasts even find pleasure in weeding. That is, until the weeds begin a rapid regrowth. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively control this.

Baking soda can be handy for this task. We need to apply the baking soda only after the undesirable plants have been uprooted. Spread the powder in areas previously occupied by weeds. This easy and affordable approach can deter weed regrowth.

Interestingly, this technique proves particularly useful in hard-to-reach areas. Many people prefer to use baking soda for the crevices between paving stones, where unwanted plants tend to sprout.

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