Tips&TricksEco-conscious Ohio man saves hundreds by showering in clothes, reusing birthday paper plates

Eco‑conscious Ohio man saves hundreds by showering in clothes, reusing birthday paper plates

He saves a few hundred a month.
He saves a few hundred a month.
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6:18 AM EST, February 8, 2024, updated: 3:57 AM EST, March 7, 2024

As environmental conditions worsen each year, environmentalists tirelessly seek solutions to conserve our natural resources. Much of the responsibility rests with us. Increasingly, people are adopting eco-conscious lifestyles. One such American's eco-endeavors verge on the extreme. This man showers with his clothes on while leveraging the leftover water to flush the toilet - a practice he adheres to once a week. What motivates this 31-year-old to adopt such an extraordinary conservation routine? Let's find out.

Saving as a way of life, driven by financial gains

Greg is a 31-year-old from Ohio for whom saving is more than just a necessity - it's a hobby. His unique approach includes showering with his clothes on and using a bucket under the shower to gather the residual water. Once filled, he uses this water to flush the toilet, limiting this action to once a week. Greg says this method helps him save around $25 each month.

The 31-year-old man avoids using a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, and dishes. He recycles yogurt containers as cups, and paper plates from his nephew's birthday party serve as his dishware. "This way, I don't waste water", he explained during a conversation with TLC.

Rather than using toilet paper, Greg opts for old newspaper cutouts. He admitted that you might have some ink smudges, but no one notices. What coerces him into such extreme saving? Not the environment, surprisingly, but money. - "I'll do anything for money" — he fervently claims.

Monthly saving totals hundreds of dollars

Greg earns a living as a Zumba instructor. Despite having a steady income, he still does not pay rent. He resides in a house that was bequeathed to him by one of his deceased students. Several roommates share the house with him, from whom he collects notable rent while paying none himself. Furthermore, he often participates in clinical studies in return for monetary compensation. Thanks to such endeavors, he has managed to buy a new car. - "I did have to apply some ointment to my buttocks, but it was a worthwhile trade for the car," — he shared in an interview.

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