FoodEating raw mushrooms: tasty practice or a health hazard? Dietitian weighs in

Eating raw mushrooms: tasty practice or a health hazard? Dietitian weighs in

Can you eat raw mushrooms?
Can you eat raw mushrooms?
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1:07 PM EST, December 19, 2023

Mushrooms, the beloved and versatile fungi, have won the hearts of gourmands worldwide. So, can we eat them raw? The answer from a dietitian might surprise many delicacy enthusiasts. Learn about the intricacies of mushrooms and ways to enjoy their flavor without compromising your health!

Is it safe to eat raw mushrooms?

The question, "Can you eat raw mushrooms?", often puzzles health-conscious food aficionados. Dietitians assert that not only are raw mushrooms safe to eat, but they can also be a delicious accompaniment to salads or snacks. A crucial step is thorough washing and peeling before consumption.

While, theoretically, raw mushrooms are safe, exercising moderation is advisable. Consuming a large number of raw mushrooms might be hard to digest, particularly for those who have stomach issues.

"Mushrooms can be eaten raw, provided there are no health restrictions and they aren't consumed too frequently. Usually, it is recommended to cook, bake, or simmer mushrooms to enhance their digestibility. The raw form is hard to digest, so it's not advised for individuals with gastrointestinal problems," explains dietitian Karolina Topolska.

Why are raw mushrooms hard to digest?

The difficulty in digesting raw mushrooms lies in their fiber content, particularly chitin. The human digestive system finds this fiber challenging to break down. Therefore, it isn't digested and can stay in the stomach for an extended period, causing discomfort.

Despite mushrooms being considered as one of the safest fungi, incorporating them into your diet in moderation is prudent, especially when consuming them raw.

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