EntertainmentEA Sports to release 'College Football 25' in summer

EA Sports to release 'College Football 25' in summer

Images source: © Twitter | EASports
4:03 PM EST, February 15, 2024

As football fans started a countdown long ago, EA Sports wasn't quick with the response. But finally, with the first trailer, they confirmed the first major football game will be released after a decade of wait. Here's the insight of what we could see in a trailer.

In a captivating preview, EA Sports released a teaser for "College Football 25," promising fans a summer release for the eagerly anticipated game. The sneak peek offered glimpses into the game's advancements, showcasing the iconic entrances of teams like Penn State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and USC. A unique voice in the trailer, belonging to a jersey designer, addressed previous skepticism about the game's development, culminating in a bold statement emblazoned on a specially designed EA Sports "College Football 25" jersey: "Yeah, it's happening."

In a strategic move in May 2023, EA Sports disclosed its partnership with OneTeam Partners, aiming to streamline the integration of FBS players' names and likenesses in the forthcoming "EA Sports College Football" title. Players are allowed to grant EA Sports permission to replicate their likenesses within the game, ensuring they receive compensation for their participation, as confirmed to ESPN by a spokesperson for EA Sports. However, discussions are ongoing to resolve remaining issues, with the College Football Player Association advocating for a boycott among players over concerns that the proposed compensation for their name, image, and likeness might be insufficient. EA Sports has stated that players who choose not to participate will be replaced by "a generic avatar" instead.


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