TechEA Sports FC 24 pulls off a historic result. FIFA 23 defeated

EA Sports FC 24 pulls off a historic result. FIFA 23 defeated

EA Sports FC 24 - review
EA Sports FC 24 - review
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6:23 AM EDT, October 11, 2023

EA Sports FC 24 is hitting it big. The "New FIFA" - which is not FIFA - is engaging millions of players and at the same time, it turns out better results than it did last year during the premiere of FIFA 23.

The first numbers about EA Sports FC 24 are coming from Electronic Arts camp. The engagement of players is overwhelmingly impressive. In just the first week, over 11.3 million players worldwide entered the virtual pitches, including through EA Play. That's nearly a million more players than with FIFA 23.

In turn, EA Sports FC Mobile, the most advanced mobile football game, has broken the franchise records - on the first day, the application was installed by 2.2 million people, and over the span of 10 days, the game was downloaded by a total of over 11.2 million new users. The excitement is being shared by the entire EA Sports.

"The 'FIFA era' is ending"

The soccer game series FIFA is making history. However, it is not excluded that the next FIFA... will be created by FIFA - the real FIFA. Gianni Infantino has very ambitious plans that do not end with FIFA 25. There are no details yet, but who knows, maybe in the future we will get another soccer game, which will fuel the rivalry between the two brands.

EA Sports FC 24 Premiere

EA Sports FC 24 saw the light of day on September 29, 2023. The game was released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and also on the Nintendo Switch console.

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