EntertainmentDutch woman spends over $100,000 on body modifications, becomes first to voluntarily amputate nose

Dutch woman spends over $100,000 on body modifications, becomes first to voluntarily amputate nose

The woman amputated her nose.
The woman amputated her nose.
Images source: © Instagram | Instagram - toxii.bodymod
9:01 PM EST, December 18, 2023

Currently, creating ripples across social media, Daniëlle spent more than 100,000 euros (roughly $113,812) on body modifications. She reshaped her teeth to resemble a shark, implanted enhancements in her cheekbones, forehead, and behind her ears, split her tongue, and even underwent scarification.

Taking it a step further, Daniëlle opted for nose amputation, marking her as the first woman globally to undergo such a procedure.

Daniëlle: The world's first woman to amputate her nose

In an interview, Daniëlle expressed that she had always felt the need to be different. Knowing she was unique, she had no interest in mirroring her school friends' appearance. She started her modification journey at the age of 18 by getting her first tattoos and piercings.

Speaking to linda.nl, the 30-year-old admitted the decision to amputate her nose was not taken lightly. She acknowledged the procedure's irreversible nature and admitted she underwent extensive psychological preparation, frequently consulting with her physician before the surgery.

The procedure, which lasted over two and a half hours, was not entirely pain-free. Despite being under anesthesia, Daniëlle was conscious of the experience - she felt the incisions and subsequent stitching. Nonetheless, she is extremely pleased with the outcome and is recovering rapidly. Contrary to expectations, her voice remains unchanged after the operation and she breathes as usual.

Daniëlle uses her social media platform to encourage young people to embrace their uniqueness and not fear changes. She advocates that if body modifications can improve someone's self-perception, they should consider it.

The woman amputated her nose.
The woman amputated her nose.© Instagram | Instagram - toxii.bodymod
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