NewsDutch court orders immediate halt on F-35 aircraft parts delivery to Israel, citing violation of international law

Dutch court orders immediate halt on F‑35 aircraft parts delivery to Israel, citing violation of international law

A Dutch court ordered the suspension of exports to Israel of parts for the F-35.
A Dutch court ordered the suspension of exports to Israel of parts for the F-35.
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3:52 AM EST, February 13, 2024

The Netherlands has been ordered to stop parts deliveries to F-35 fighters to Israel within seven days. The Court of Appeal issued this directive in The Hague on Monday, 12th February.

The lawsuit, filed last year by several Dutch non-governmental organizations, including the local branch of Amnesty International, has repeatedly highlighted civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas.

"The Netherlands contributes to heavy violations of international humanitarian law by doing so," the organizations argue, and the judges have concurred with them.

The US-made parts for F-35 fighters are housed in a warehouse in the Netherlands. This information was disclosed last December during the initial court proceedings. The parts are exported to several partner countries, including Israel, under existing agreements.

Dutch government to lodge an appeal

Government lawyers contended last year that even if the Dutch refrained from supplying Israel with these parts, the Israeli side could procure them easily from other sources. They emphasized that such deliveries entrust a political decision that lies beyond the scope of the Dutch judiciary.

Following Monday's verdict, hailed as a breakthrough, the government disclosed its intention to appeal to the Supreme Court. It asserted that matters of foreign policy fall under the jurisdiction of the state.

"Naturally, the government respects the Court of Appeal's verdict and will abide by it," the official statement announced. It added: "In the government's opinion, the distribution of parts to American F-35s does not breach the law". It further emphasized that the F-35 aircraft is "crucial to the security of Israel".

Source: PAP, Anadolu Agency

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