NewsDutch army chief warns of potential armed conflict with Russia, urges preparation

Dutch army chief warns of potential armed conflict with Russia, urges preparation

Dutch army
Dutch army
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2:57 PM EST, December 28, 2023

According to General Wijnen, the Netherlands should follow the approach of countries such as Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic states. These countries either border Russia or are close in proximity, and in Wijnen's view, the people there are more prepared for the possible onset of war with their larger neighbor.

"The Netherlands should not consider itself safe simply because Russia is about 932 miles away," emphasized the general during his interview. Wijnen further suggested that societies should be prepared for the worst scenarios, using the Balkans and Scandinavia as examples. In preparation for potential emergencies, he believes it necessary to consider providing citizens with food and water supplies.

General Wijnen thinks that "Russia is growing stronger" and responds best to one language: "a powerful military". As such, the Dutch army must bolster its forces.

Former army commander Mart de Kruif backed General Wijnen's statements during an interview with RTL television news. He stated that Russian leader Vladimir Putin responds more to force than reason. "Putin is like a boxer. You can't always dodge punches; you also need to be capable of striking back," De Kruif said on TV.

Several high-ranking politicians and soldiers have been issuing warnings about an imminent conflict with Russia. The Chief of Staff of the Belgian army recently confessed that Europe should be readying itself for such a conflict. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius also cautioned about the possibility of war.

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