Entertainment"Dune" is not the end: another stunning spectacle is on the way

"Dune" is not the end: another stunning spectacle is on the way

"Dune" - one of the biggest hits of 2021.
"Dune" - one of the biggest hits of 2021.
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8:41 AM EST, November 30, 2023

Science fiction aficionados are earnestly anticipating the premiere of "Dune's" second installment, while director Denis Villeneuve is scheming to craft another impressive science fiction extravaganza. He plans to adapt Arthur C. Clarke's renowned novel "Rendezvous with Rama".

The initial buzz about the film adaptation of "Rendezvous with Rama" surfaced during the cinema release of "Dune's" first part. Over two years have elapsed since that time, with Villeneuve concentrating his efforts on the conclusion of Frank Herbert's novel-based story. We look forward to seeing "Dune's" second part in theaters come early March.

While Villeneuve was engrossed in "Dune", his screenwriter Eric Roth was engaged in another project under the Canadian director's aegis. Roth, a recent guest on the Script Apart podcast, unveiled that he had completed the script for Villeneuve's forthcoming film. Although the title remains undisclosed, he shared its central theme around space, time, and eternity. Devotees of science fiction are fairly confident that it is "Rendezvous with Rama".

The rights to adapt Clarke's novel have been vested in Morgan Freeman's production company for some time. Published in 1973, "Rendezvous with Rama" narrates a space expedition's mission to uncover a mysterious alien object appearing in the Solar System, named Rama in a nod to Hindu mythology.

Currently, Denis Villeneuve is recognised as one of the most immersive and visionary directors, captivating both critics and audiences alike. Earlier in his career, he gained popularity through productions such as "Maelström", "Incendies", "Prisoners", "Enemy" and "Sicario". Subsequently, the director turned his attention to the genre that resonates most with audiences—science fiction.

In 2016, Villeneuve netted an Oscar nomination for his directorial work on "Arrival". The following year, he directed "Blade Runner 2049". In 2021, the first part of "Dune" was released, earning the creator two additional Oscar nominations for best film and screenplay.

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