NewsDuck breeding hall fire in Europe leads to a loss of thousands of birds, approx. $22,094

Duck breeding hall fire in Europe leads to a loss of thousands of birds, approx. $22,094

Fire brigade, illustrative photo
Fire brigade, illustrative photo
Images source: © Getty Images | Witthaya Prasongsin

11:33 AM EST, January 23, 2024

Veronika Švorcová Mocová, the spokesperson for the Central Fire Brigade, reported in the evening that the likely cause of the fire was a technical defect in a fuel oil heater according to initial findings.

The fire brigade received a report of the incident before 2:00 p.m. ET. Upon arrival, they found that the fire had engulfed roughly half of the hall. The building measured approximately 66 by 656 feet. In light of its extensive size and the numerous intervening units, the commander declared the second alarm level out of four possible.

Within less than an hour, the firefighters managed to control the fire. Following that, they initiated extinguishing and ventilation operations due to the heavy smoke presence. Once the alarm level was reduced to basic, the fire brigade units gradually left the scene.

The state veterinary administration was duly notified of the incident. However, the removal of the deceased animals will not be carried out by the firefighters; instead, a professional company will be hired by the owner for this task.

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