EntertainmentComeback of Meghan Markkle. Will the Dutchess of Sussex record podcasts again?

Comeback of Meghan Markkle. Will the Dutchess of Sussex record podcasts again?

Duchess Meghan
Duchess Meghan
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6:21 AM EDT, October 21, 2023, updated: 4:09 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

The quiet life in a million-dollar Californian estate is already in the past. Meghan and Harry are increasingly seen at galas and various occasions. Apparently, this is no coincidence...

The Duchess of Sussex has to admit to herself at least one recent failure: she suspended the activity of her podcast, which was supposed to be a place for conversations with inspiring women. The producers working with her expressed their disappointment with the failure of the project in behind-the-scenes conversations, which promised something potentially quality. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. Similarly, the production of a children's fairy tale, which was announced a year ago.

A positive for the Sussexes has definitely been the recent Invictus games dedicated to war veterans. This is probably the last undertaking of Harry and Meghan that tabloids have not yet criticized and dragged through the mud. Now Emily Andrews, who the "New York Post" presents as an expert, claims that the duchess is considering another project, of course very profitable. What are the reasons to believe this?

- It's not a coincidence that over the past summer we've seen Meghan more often than all of last year - Andrews said in an interview with "Women Magazine".

Meghan speaking on stage during Mental Health Day in October of this year.
Meghan speaking on stage during Mental Health Day in October of this year.© Licensor | 2023 Getty Images

Indeed, the Duchess was "caught" on several occasions. Whether it was going to the nearby marketplace, at the movies with friends, during several dates around town with Harry, or at more than one Beyoncé concert. Besides, her pictures from the mentioned Invictus Games were sent to the agency daily.

According to Emily Andrews, Meghan is interested in a strong position in show business. Although she quit acting before marrying Prince Harry (her last series was "Suits"), she signed a contract with a large Hollywood talent agency this year. It is unclear whether she wants to be on set or she may dream more of a causative, creative role.

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