EntertainmentDuchess Kate's parents under fire. People feel betrayed by them

Duchess Kate's parents under fire. People feel betrayed by them

Michael Middleton is leading Kate to the altar.
Michael Middleton is leading Kate to the altar.
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5:07 PM EDT, October 17, 2023

Carole and Michael Middleton, the parents of Duchess Kate, have until recently led a peaceful life in their estate in Bucklebury. However, in the past few weeks someone has begun to put up posters in the neighborhood accusing them of dishonesty. The company that belonged to the Middletons has gone bankrupt.

The Middletons are multimillionaires. Thanks to this, they were able to send their three children to good private schools with tuition fees of around $52,000 per year and purchase a property in Bucklebury Manor for about $6.5 million. They owe their wealth to the family fortune that Kate's father inherited from his grandmother, as well as the family business 'Party Pieces', which catered events organized for children.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has hit the company hard, which started to generate increasing losses. In May of this year, the Middletons sold it to a Scottish businessman, but just two weeks later "Party Pieces" finally collapsed. It owes its creditors approximately $3.6 million.

As reported by the Daily Mail, near the family's home, posters recently appeared on lampposts and trees, attacking Kate's parents for getting rid of the company without previously paying off their partners. Suppliers of goods feel cheated and demand that the Middletons cover the debts out of their own pocket.

Thus far, the owners of "Party Pieces" have not publicly addressed the situation. According to "The Sun", the entire action of the anonymous perpetrators has most upset James, Kate's brother, who also lives in Bucklebury. He has reportedly been seen, after dusk, making rounds in the village and personally tearing down posters. He is primarily concerned about the peace and quiet not so much for his parents, but for his wife Alizee, who will soon give birth to their first child.

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