EntertainmentDuchess Kate's 42nd birthday may bring historic honour.

Duchess Kate's 42nd birthday may bring historic honour.

Duchess Kate turns 42 years old.
Duchess Kate turns 42 years old.
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9:44 AM EST, January 9, 2024

Duchess Kate became an official royal family member over a decade ago. Over these years, she has earned the affection of the British public, and it can be confidently stated today that she is their favorite royal. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the tabloids predict that the Duchess's birthday celebration will undoubtedly be exceptional. Her husband will ensure it.

"Prince William plans to spoil his wife. He likely has a romantic streak and might plan a breakfast in bed for Kate. I envision they would spend some family time with their children, considering it's their last holiday before returning to school. Perhaps, the couple might conclude the celebration with a champagne dinner by candlelight" — royal expert Jennie Bond reports.

The British press also speculates that Kate might receive an exclusive gift from the king himself. According to the reports, it is a significant honor, bestowed at the British court for nearly seven centuries.

Charles III might designate his daughter-in-law as the Royal Lady of the Garter. If Duchess Kate receives this title, it will affirm her seniority in the institution and emphasize that Charles III values the role and sacrifice his daughter-in-law makes for the royal family - according to "The Daily Express".

British journalists maintain that few people are as deserving of this title as Kate.

"Many high-ranking individuals believe that Duchess Kate is ready for a new honour. They underline her dedication to royal duties, commitment to charitable work, and the delicate balance she maintains between her public role and family life" — a newspaper source claimed.

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