EntertainmentDuchess Kate reveals cancer diagnosis with support from Prince William

Duchess Kate reveals cancer diagnosis with support from Prince William

It is known how Prince William reacted to the statement by Princess Kate.
It is known how Prince William reacted to the statement by Princess Kate.
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10:44 AM EDT, March 25, 2024

On Friday evening, it was shared that Duchess Kate is facing a battle with cancer. She discussed her struggle with the disease in an emotional video that garnered international media attention, alongside expressing how Prince William has been coping with the news.

In the first month of this year, Kate Middleton was hospitalized for "planned abdominal surgery." Subsequent tests revealed the unfortunate development of a tumour in the Duchess's body. Prince William's wife disclosed her condition in a video, which was released on the official profile of the Duke and Duchess of Wales on Friday evening.

"It has been incredibly challenging for our family, but I was fortunate to have an excellent team of doctors looking after me. I am deeply thankful for their care. In January, I underwent surgery, which, at the time, was not related to cancer. The surgery went well, but post-operative tests detected cancer cells. My doctors advised preventative chemotherapy, and I am now in the initial stages of treatment," Duchess Kate explained in the video she shared.

Kate Middleton's statement: Prince William’s reaction?

Releasing the statement was Duchess Kate's idea, as revealed in an interview with "The Sunday Times." A friend of the Duchess highlighted Kate's desire to make such a gesture as a public figure, emphasizing her wish not only for the statement to be in video format but also for it to be penned by her. In the article, a friend also mentioned Kate's intent to quell rumours and speculation regarding her health.

Prince William expressed his admiration for Kate's bravery and how well she has managed since her surgery in January, according to discussions with journalists from "The Telegraph." A source close to the royal couple confirmed that William was fully supportive of Kate's decision to go public with her condition.

"The decision was hers, and William was completely supportive," explained a friend of the couple.

Additionally, it's important to note that a friend of Kate Middleton, in a chat with "The Sunday Times," lamented the necessity for the Duchess to address her illness publicly due to rampant speculation, describing it as profoundly sad.

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