EntertainmentDubai millionaire's wife claims 'being rich is a full-time job' on TikTok, but is questioned for her Nissan and 'broom-like' hair

Dubai millionaire's wife claims 'being rich is a full-time job' on TikTok, but is questioned for her Nissan and 'broom-like' hair

The TikToker claims that she is the wife of a millionaire from Dubai.
The TikToker claims that she is the wife of a millionaire from Dubai.
Images source: © @soudiofarabia Instagram

11:38 AM EST, December 29, 2023

TikToker @soudiofrabia has gone viral by showing her life with her husband, Jamal, a millionaire from Dubai. In a video from December 26, Soudi answered the most frequently asked questions from her followers. The video has garnered 1.4 million views, and some of her previous videos had even greater reach.

In the video, Soudi admits that "being a millionaire's wife is hard, in reality". She states that her husband, Jamal, and his family hold many cultural expectations for her. Meeting these expectations, to her, is like a "full-time job". Meanwhile, she emphasizes that she cannot imagine herself being employed.

The TikToker claims that it's not easy to be a millionaire's wife

Soudi stresses the biggest challenge for her is to always look "10 out of 10" for her husband. When asked why she makes TikToks despite her busy schedule, Soudi replied: "I love sharing my life with you."

Soudi also mentioned that her reviews of products and services are more valuable and reliable because, unlike other influencers, she doesn't do them for money. "In a world where people get paid to deceive, I want to be real," Soudi said.

Nevertheless, many commentators suspect Soudi's "luxurious life" is a creation of social media. They point out that she drives a Nissan in Dubai despite her talking about Rolls-Royces and Lamborghini in her videos.

Soudi also faced criticism for mainly featuring Birkin bags and Jimmy Choo shoes in videos from brand stores. Some remarks subtly question the TikToker's credibility - "Her hair is like a broom. A millionaire's wife, sure." Some followers treat Soudi of Arabia's account as a parody of the nouveau riche.

'Old Money' and symbols of luxury

Soudi asserts that she comes from "old money." This term is generally used in the United Kingdom to reference aristocrats and landowners whose wealth is passed down from generation to generation. However, as some commentators on her posts have pointed out, such individuals would never publicly label themselves as such.

Commentators also underscore that people do not typically choose the brands and specific products Soudi showcases on TikTok from "old money". Families that have been wealthy for generations tend not to flaunt mainstream luxury symbols and avoid products with prominent logos. The famous "quiet luxury" trend reflects a nonchalant look based on high-quality elements.

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