Tips&TricksDrying laundry in 15 minutes? This trick may transform your washing machine into a tumble dryer

Drying laundry in 15 minutes? This trick may transform your washing machine into a tumble dryer

Drying laundry
Drying laundry
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6:04 PM EST, December 21, 2023

If you've ever hung up your laundry to dry for days, only to find it's still damp, you know how irritating this can be. Especially when a fresh batch of clothes is waiting to be washed, while the damp ones on the dryer begin to emit an unpleasant odor, indicating a need for re-washing. This problem does not exist for those who have a tumble dryer, but not everyone can afford such a luxury. Fortunately, there is a way to dry clothes with a traditional washing machine without incurring additional costs.

Quick laundry drying - so, what's the trick?

This method can work regardless of the weather conditions, but you'll find it most valuable on rainy days. Once you discover it, you can start applying it to get your laundry dry in no time, often within just fifteen minutes.

The reality is, your standard washing machine can transform into a tumble dryer without any additional expenditures or having to give up extra space in your bathroom. All you need is a thick, absorbent towel. Simply toss this towel into the drum with your wet laundry and set the washing machine to spin mode. The towel will soak up the moisture from the fabric, leaving your clothes nearly dry.

What if it doesn't work?

The answer is simple. If, after this process, your clothes are still too wet, repeat the entire process once more, but this time with a different, dry towel. Now, you can hang the laundry on a standard dryer. Slightly damp clothes will dry very quickly as the moisture evaporates more easily. In no time, they will be dry and ready to wear.

You can also use a towel in another way. If you wish to wring out the water from your clothes but lack the strength in your hands, try the roll-and-press method. Simply spread the towel on the floor, place the wet clothing items on it, and then roll everything up tightly. The towel will soak up a majority of the water.

Don't forget to hang your laundry correctly

The primary cause of an unpleasant odor is poor air circulation among the fabrics. To avoid this, it's important to master the art of properly hanging clothes on a dryer.

Firstly, position the dryer near a window or radiator where the ambient heat can assist in evaporating the moisture from the clothes.

Secondly, avoid overcrowding your clothes on the dryer. Each item should hang loosely without being squished.

Lastly, make sure to flip your clothes from time to time to allow the moisture to evaporate properly. Non-compliance with these rules could lead to your clothes developing a musty odor, necessitating re-washing. Spare yourself this unnecessary hassle.

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