LifestyleDry your hair like a pro: How affordable digital hair dryers are revolutionizing the market

Dry your hair like a pro: How affordable digital hair dryers are revolutionizing the market

The digital dryer is quick and safe for hair.
The digital dryer is quick and safe for hair.
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3:38 AM EST, January 29, 2024

In 2016, James Dyson introduced a ground-breaking dryer named Supersonic. Reinventing the hairdryer may seem challenging, but his team of 103 engineers spent four years testing various models, successfully creating over 600 prototypes. Their efforts resulted in a digital dryer that measures hair temperature in real-time and then adjusts the operating temperature accordingly, keeping the hair in excellent condition. Although the Supersonic dryer is quite pricey, manufacturers who followed in Dyson's footsteps managed to produce high-quality, yet affordable, alternatives.

Quick Drying Enhanced with Superior Moisturizing

The first product we are looking at is the Philips SenseIQ BHD827/00. This model bears a resemblance to the Supersonic in both appearance and operation. Philips' innovative SenseIQ technology is designed to adapt to the user's needs. Its intelligent sensor ensures hair protection, while the intelligent temperature control maintains up to 95% of hair's natural moisture, reducing drying time by up to 30%. The manufacturers claim that, during 7 minutes of drying time, the device's microprocessor adjusts its temperature over 12,000 times. The SenseIQ offers five drying modes: manual, gentle, quick, styling, curls, and head massage.

Looks Can Be Deceptive

In contrast, our second offering is more affordable and does not look compact – it's the Remington AC9800 PROluxe You. Despite its size and classic design, it includes a system that adjusts its operation to match user needs. The StyleAdapt technology has three operating modes and, like the Supersonic, continuously measures the hair temperature in real-time to control the blow temperature appropriately. Additionally, it joins a long cord of 9.84 feet, allowing for unlimited movement while drying your hair.

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