SportsDrunken Tyson Fury was escorted out of a British bar after a night out

Drunken Tyson Fury was escorted out of a British bar after a night out

A completely drunk Tyson Fury was crawling down the street
A completely drunk Tyson Fury was crawling down the street
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11:11 AM EDT, June 11, 2024

The sports world was shaken by a video showing a wholly drunk and unable-to-stand Tyson Fury. Security guards escorted the former world heavyweight boxing champion, who suffered the first professional career defeat last month, out of a British bar.

The incident occurred on Friday, but photos and videos have surfaced online. They clearly show that Fury had indulged in one too many drinks, perhaps even several, at the Nowhere bar in Morecambe, United Kingdom.

Initially, we see Fury still in the bar. The former champion is unsteady on his feet and is being escorted by security guards.

The 35-year-old Tyson Fury, whose fortune is estimated at 300 million pounds, was partying with friends and fans at the venue, which offers drinks for only £2.50 until 11:00 PM.

But his evening came to an end when staff determined he was too drunk, so they gently urged the Gypsy King to return to the £1.7 million residence he shares with his wife Paris and their seven children.

Tyson Fury first lost in Riyadh to Usyk, and now, as we can see, also to the bar crew. But the rematch with Oleksandr is far away, you have to relax somehow... - emphasizes journalist Przemysław Garczarczyk.

We see online that the Briton was so drunk that, at certain moments, he was crawling on the sidewalk and walking on all fours. The "The Sun" newspaper emphasizes that the athlete had not drunk for over a year, adding: "He had a couple too many and wasn’t feeling too well either."

Fury to earn huge money

On May 18, 2024, at the gala in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury delivered great emotions to professional boxing fans. The stakes of their clash were the belts of the most important federations in the heavyweight division. Ultimately, the undisputed champion was the Ukrainian, who won by a split decision of the judges.

The Saudi Arabian minister responsible for organizing boxing events, Turki Alalshikh, announced a rematch later this year. Fury and Usyk will face each other again in Riyadh just before Christmas, specifically on December 21.

For the first fight, the gentlemen earned 115 million pounds. The more significant portion went to Fury, expected to receive 85 million pounds. The remaining sum went to Usyk, who ultimately became the holder of all the most critical belts.

The British "The Sun" has learned that even more money will be up for grabs in the rematch. There will be as much as 150 million pounds to split.

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