NewsDrones turn the tide in Ukraine conflict. Russian soldier's panicked escape caught on camera

Drones turn the tide in Ukraine conflict. Russian soldier's panicked escape caught on camera

The Russian was running away from the drone. He had no chance.
The Russian was running away from the drone. He had no chance.
Images source: © X | Ukraińska Pravda
6:22 AM EST, January 22, 2024

There have never been so many documented instances of armed conflicts in warfare. This has been made possible due to the introduction of advanced technologies. Cameras are attached to drones, uniforms, or firearms, and mobile devices with widespread network access allow clips from the front line to surface on social media quickly.

The conflict in Ukraine exemplifies the importance of information warfare. Whoever demonstrates - colloquially speaking - how they are "threshing" their opponent is, in some sense, a victor. The Ukrainians openly utilize this tool. The internet is bursting with videos showing how they deal with the Russian invaders. Another one has just emerged.

Russian soldier attempts to escape drone, video spreads across the internet

The Ukrainian "Pravda" has published a video from the front line. It shows a Russian soldier desperately trying to hide from an FPV drone. The man emerges from under what appears to be a stationary tank, running around the vehicle in panic.

The drone, like a predator biding its time, flies over the Russian soldier, repeatedly chasing him across the battlefield. The drone operator orchestrated a cat-and-mouse chase. Nonetheless, the conclusion was inevitable. At one point, the drone approached the soldier and detonated.

The video below from the battlefield shows the resulting explosion.

Drones have become a fundamental tool of warfare during the conflict in Ukraine. Although they were widely used during the Azerbaijan-Armenia war in the fall of 2020, their significance was far greater in this context.

Ukrainians have regularly used drones as a weapon since the beginning of the conflict. Recently, much talk has been about attacks on targets in Russian territory. The invaders have also realized the value and efficiency of drones. Among others, they employ Iranian Shahed machines known under the names Gierań-1 and Gierań-2.

Ukrainians announced in December that they have proof that it is an Iranian company that is reinforcing the Russian war machine's potential.

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