NewsDrones suspected in devastating oil terminal explosion in Russia: 150 evacuated, no fatalities

Drones suspected in devastating oil terminal explosion in Russia: 150 evacuated, no fatalities

Fire in Russia
Fire in Russia
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2:25 AM EST, January 21, 2024

Residents of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region of the Russian Federation reported powerful explosions near the Sea Trade Port's oil terminal. They claim that they heard the sound of drones approaching shortly before the explosion.

Governor confirms heightened state of readiness

The governor of the region, Alexander Drozdenko, confirmed the report about the fire.

"No casualties were reported due to the fire at the Novatek terminal in the port of Ust-Luga. The staff was evacuated. The Ministry of Emergency Situations' resources were deployed to extinguish the fire", Drozdenko assured.

"A state of high readiness has been introduced in the district. Yuri Zapalatsky, the head of the district administration, is chairing a meeting of the operations staff," the governor added.

About 150 people were evacuated from the site. No fatalities are reported so far.

"The ground shook when it exploded," said one of the workers in an interview with Frontanka. Ships under the Panamanian flag were at the terminal at the time of the explosion.

Witnesses report hearing sounds resembling explosions twice.

The authorities have not provided any information regarding the cause of the fire.

Drones veered and struck the terminal

The 47news portal claims that the air defense units of the Russian Ministry of Defense alerted all relevant authorities about the appearance of two drones flying towards Petersburg around 5:30 PM (Eastern Time).

By about 10 PM (Eastern Time), the drones veered off course and headed towards the Kingisepp district in the Leningrad region along the Ust-Luga River. They reportedly hit the Novatek terminal around 10:20 PM.

Drone attacks in Russia: explosions reported in Smolensk

Russian authorities confirmed drone attacks on two other regions of the country earlier in the day. Local Telegram channels reported explosions in Tula, Smolensk, and Orel. No fatalities have been reported so far.

It is claimed that the Russian air defense managed to shoot down five drones.

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