NewsDrone strikes hit Russian cities, damaging Taganrog Aviation complex

Drone strikes hit Russian cities, damaging Taganrog Aviation complex

Massive drone attack. Two Russian cities targeted.
Massive drone attack. Two Russian cities targeted.
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10:08 AM EST, March 9, 2024

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"Our air defense forces in Taganrog successfully counteracted a significant drone attack," reported Vasily Golubev, the governor of the Rostov region, at 7:30 PM Eastern Time. In total, 24 drones were sighted over the city. Alarmed citizens began to share on Telegram about hearing "powerful explosions," "the noise of drones drawing near," and "the sound of gunfire." Several videos were also posted online.

The city experienced explosions lasting approximately 30-40 minutes.

Damaged inflicted on Taganrog Aviation

"About 20 explosions were reported by the residents. The drones might have been targeting the local aviation-technical complex, which is involved in the repair and upkeep of the Russian Federation's long-range aviation units," according to the TSN portal.

The Astra channel, citing local Telegram sources, noted that the drones inflicted damage on the scientific and technical facility known as Taganrog Aviation.

Before 9 PM Eastern Time, the Rostov region's governor announced that the air defense had thwarted another aerial assault over the region. "Several drones were neutralized as they approached Morozovsk," he conveyed.

He further mentioned that an early report indicated that a Ministry for Emergency Situations staff member, actively engaged in mitigating the attack's aftermath, was injured. "The individual has been hospitalized but is not in life-threatening condition," Golubev shared.

Explosions in Kursk

Kursk region too faced an assault. Governor Roman Starovoyt disclosed that in Kursk, the remnants of a downed Ukrainian drone damaged a clinic's roof, affecting an area of 236 square feet. "Fortunately, there were no injuries," he informed via Telegram.

47 drones intercepted in a single night

The governor also noted that due to the potential risk of explosions, patients in the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital were moved to other facilities using ambulances and helicopters.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, in a morning announcement, stated that air defenses had neutralized or intercepted a total of 47 drones.

"One drone was brought down over the Belgorod region, two over the Kursk region, and three over the Volgograd region. The largest engagement transpired in the Rostov region, where 41 drones were intercepted by our air defense," according to the ministry's statement.

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