NewsDrone guidance aids in rescue of injured soldier from tense Luhansk frontline

Drone guidance aids in rescue of injured soldier from tense Luhansk frontline

The Ukrainian soldier saved the border guard. He used a drone.
The Ukrainian soldier saved the border guard. He used a drone.
Images source: © PAP | Vladyslav Musiienko
4:49 AM EST, February 6, 2024

Serhii Kupin sustained injuries during a battle on the Swentovsky front. His evacuation was nearly impossible considering the proximity of the enemy.

The enemy was alarmingly close, approximately 328 feet on one side, and 656 feet on the other. This left no opportunity for a safe evacuation.

"We noticed that he had started crawling some distance. We instructed him to follow the drone to a safer area where the infantry could rendezvous with him," said an air reconnaissance soldier known as "Luh", as quoted by the "Ukrainian Truth" portal.

Friend, enjoy a hot drink and follow the drone - this message was attached to a mug of hot tea, delivered to the injured border guard by the air survey of the 68th Separate Brigade of Oleksy Dowbusz.

The injured border guard faced extreme difficulty moving on his own, but with the drone's assistance, he managed to crawl about 2,297 feet to Ukrainian positions. His comrades then took over and moved him out of the battle zone.

"I was desperate to be evacuated quickly because I was frightened, starving, and freezing. I was completely frozen," the soldier recalls.

Serhii is currently in the hospital receiving treatment, and steadily recuperating. He has expressed his gratitude to the air scouts for their expertise and compassion.

Ukrainian drone attack in Crimea causes further Russian loss

The Ukrainian drone attacks are progressively weakening the capabilities of the Black Sea Fleet. The most recent attack occurred near the Russian base at Lake Donuzlav in occupied Crimea. As reported by Defense Express, a group of sea drones from Ukraine attacked the Ivanovets missile boat of Project 12411. The kamikaze drones struck the vessel several times, resulting in its sinking.

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