NewsDrone fragments found near Ukraine border spark Romanian probe

Drone fragments found near Ukraine border spark Romanian probe

Drone fragments found near the Romanian-Ukrainian border
Drone fragments found near the Romanian-Ukrainian border
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9:12 PM EDT, March 28, 2024, updated: 7:20 AM EDT, March 29, 2024

The Romanian National Defense Ministry said on Friday that fragments believed to be from an airborne object were found on the agricultural lands of the Great Braila Island in the Danube Delta. The drone fragments were discovered near the border with Ukraine.

The Romanian MOD has stated that the ministry and the national defense, public order, and security system structures are investigating line with operational procedures.

Earlier reports indicated that on the Great Braila Island in the Danube, military personnel and services were searching for drone fragments.

Residents reported a potential drone crash in this area on Thursday evening, providing the military with recordings of a "bright and loud object."

The military will determine the origin of the object

As reported by, military personnel arrived at the location to conduct a search to determine the object's origin and whether it could be related to the war in Ukraine. The military, services, police, and gendarmerie have cordoned off the site.

Media outlets have also published photos of the crater caused by the object's impact. The crater, with a diameter of about 13 feet, is located approximately 5 miles from the ferry crossing.

Last year, there were four incidents of Russian drone fragments falling on Romanian territory near the Ukrainian border. According to Romanian authorities, these drones were used in attacks on Ukraine, asserting that Romania itself was not the target of these attacks. Bucharest has condemned these incidents.

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