NewsDrone collision triggers massive fire at strategic Novolipetsk Steel Plant in Russia

Drone collision triggers massive fire at strategic Novolipetsk Steel Plant in Russia

Powerful explosion. Attack on Russian metallurgical plants in Lipetsk.
Powerful explosion. Attack on Russian metallurgical plants in Lipetsk.
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3:08 AM EST, February 24, 2024

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The reports of explosions first emerged shortly after 1 a.m. from Friday to Saturday. The Astra channel reported a "massive fire" at the Novolipetsk Steel Plant, one of Russia's largest steel producers.

Province governor confirms incident

Witnesses have claimed that the sound of incoming drones was heard just prior to the explosion.

Videos surfaced online demonstrating the moment of the explosion.

The Baza channel reported, "an active coal warehouse is ablaze. The impact was on the coke oven, where the cooling units are placed. Preliminary reports indicate no injuries."

At 2 a.m. Central European Time, Igor Artamonov, the governor of the Lipetsk region, confirmed a fire had occurred at the plant premises but was quickly extinguished. There were no casualties, and he reassured the public that there was no danger of harmful substances being released.

The governor confirmed that the explosion resulted from a drone collision.

The Novolipetsk Steel Plant is a supplier of steel, alloys, and products to Russian defense industry companies that produce ballistic and maneuvering missiles. It is a core player in the strategic industry.

The plant is responsible for producing 18 percent of all steel in Russia.

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