NewsDrone assaults spark unrest in Crimea and North Ossetia

Drone assaults spark unrest in Crimea and North Ossetia

Uneasy in Russia. Media: "planned action of Ukrainian intelligence"
Uneasy in Russia. Media: "planned action of Ukrainian intelligence"
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8:13 AM EDT, June 8, 2024

Restless night in the Sevastopol area. Residents reported explosions near Streletskaya Bay. Meanwhile, in North Ossetia, there was a drone attack. Drones from the Ukrainian military intelligence attacked a Russian military airfield, media reported, citing sources in HUR.

On the night from Friday to Saturday, there were massive explosions in temporarily occupied Crimea, reported The explosions were heard in Sevastopol, among other places. In some buildings, windows rattled, and car alarms went off.

The Crimean Wind Channel on Telegram stated that earlier, residents reported sounds of "large caliber weapons explosions," which could indicate a sea drone attack.

Reports on Russian social media mentioned the activation of air defense systems. The head of the Sevastopol occupation authorities, Mikhail Razvozhaev, claimed that a drone was destroyed near Streletskaya Bay. According to his account, "no infrastructure damage occurred."

Russians in fear. Drones circled over the military airfield

On Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense also reported "shooting down one drone" in North Ossetia. The head of the region's authorities, Sergey Menyaylo, stated that air defense shot down three machines.

"According to preliminary information, the drones came from the Ukrainian side. Their target was the military airfield. No casualties or damage were reported," he wrote on Telegram.

"It was a planned action by Ukrainian intelligence, in which successfully improved domestic production means were used," said the interlocutor of the Ukrainska Pravda portal.

He confirmed that the airfield in Mozdok was attacked and announced that the area of attacks using Ukrainian weaponry on Russian territory would be expanded. "Military objects of the enemy used in Russia's genocidal war against Ukrainians should not be safe," he emphasized.

Earlier, Ukrainska Pravda wrote that it was the first drone attack on North Ossetia. The distance covered by the machines is at least 560 miles, added the portal.

The RBK-Ukraine service noted that the airfield in Mozdok in the North Caucasus is the base of the 485th separate helicopter regiment, also used by MiG 31K aircraft, which can carry Kinzhal missiles.

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