AutosDriving Sensei: How Toyota uses AI to hone drivers' skills and enhance safety

Driving Sensei: How Toyota uses AI to hone drivers' skills and enhance safety

Toyota has found another use for AI.
Toyota has found another use for AI.
Images source: © Press materials | Toyota
12:21 PM EST, January 22, 2024

Artificial intelligence permeates an increasing number of areas in our daily lives, often subtly to the point that we might not necessarily be cognizant of its presence, though we certainly feel its influence. Aspects such as the advancement of graphic technology, safety systems, personal assistance, and the quickened performance of our devices all hinge on AI's current and ever-growing proliferation.

It was just a matter of time before automotive companies started to harness the potential of AI in their operations. Renault, for instance, aims to utilize AI to bolster its production and design process. Conversely, Toyota's engineers may leverage AI when crafting new designs, with a focus on optimizing projects for better aerodynamics.

However, Toyota isn't planning on limiting the use of AI to just these areas, as they anticipate other potential applications. As it appears, this Japanese giant is also leveraging artificial intelligence in the development of autonomous driving systems.

The AI-oriented concept Toyota has prepared is called "Driving Sensei". This concept is centered around an autonomous system with a focus on active safety. In this context, the AI works in tandem with the driver and, using machine learning, can help refine a driver's skills.

"Driving Sensei" is designed to not only identify potential hazards for the driver, but also to actively aid them and recommend solutions for dealing with problematic situations. The AI would focus on obstacles, other road users, and adverse weather conditions.

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