AutosDriving into the future. Porsche partners with Google

Driving into the future. Porsche partners with Google

Porsche 911 - interior
Porsche 911 - interior
Images source: © Press materials | Porsche

2:44 PM EDT, November 2, 2023

The American tech titan, Google, continues to extend its influence in the automotive world. After successful collaborations with Renault and Volvo, it's Porsche's turn to come on board.

Starting in 2025, Porsche will commence the integration of Google solutions in its vehicle lineup. Key among these amenities are navigation systems and voice control features.

In addition, consumers will have the privilege of using Google Assistant and a plethora of apps available on the Play Store. Porsche enthusiasts can still look forward to a unique experience as Porsche aims to weave Google's multimedia service into its signature, bespoke interface.

"Our customers fulfill a dream with our vehicles. In addition to timeless design and exceptional performance, they also want a seamless digital experience. This blended ecosystem results from the integration of platforms and apps that customers know from their end devices. We have an open approach and are developing innovations with leading technology partners," comments Porsche AG's CEO, Oliver Blume.

Previously, brands such as Renault, Volvo, and Polestar took similar steps. The roster of companies collaborating with Google is steadily growing, with Porsche lined up as the upcoming, but certainly not the last, partner.

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