LifestyleDrink up: your sweets cravings can be tamed, weight loss possible and the risk of cancer reduced

Drink up: your sweets cravings can be tamed, weight loss possible and the risk of cancer reduced

Juice with extraordinary properties. Discover its power.
Juice with extraordinary properties. Discover its power.
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7:05 PM EDT, October 27, 2023

Not everyone is a fan of juice from exotic fruits. However, we strongly suggest you try this one. Owing to its unique properties, it's worth incorporating it into your daily routine. Embrace it, and prepare to reap the remarkable benefits it offers.

Fruits and vegetables have long been the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. These dietary components are as important as adequate sleep, regular exercise, and routine doctor visits. Surely that's worth exploring, don't you agree?

One of the most effective ways to consume fruits and vegetables is through juices made from them. Classic favorites include oranges, apples, and carrots, but in recent times, cranberries and goji berries have gained popularity. All these are terrific choices, but today, we introduce you to a different fruit, ripe for juicing. Its taste and nutritional values are equally impressive. We're referring to the pineapple.

Pineapple Juice: Why Should You Give It a Go?

Let's be frank — pineapples aren't very popular in Poland. While most people are familiar with this tropical fruit, it's not as frequently consumed as other fruits. Mostly, it's enjoyed from a can, which is a lost opportunity to leverage its full potential.

Pineapple juice supports the body's condition.
Pineapple juice supports the body's condition.© Canva

Pineapple juice is underrated but worth trying. Its natural sweetness has surprisingly beneficial effects on the human body. A critical component of pineapples, bromelain, is especially noteworthy. Bromelain exhibits strong anti-cancer properties, aids wound healing, and eases muscle aches and swelling. Pineapple juice isn't just for those trying to build muscle - its benefits extend to all.

What Else Does Pineapple Juice Offer?

While bromelain is the most lauded therapeutic component of pineapple, it's not the only beneficial compound you'll derive from the juice. Let's delve into what else this tropical elixir contains.

Pineapple juice is rich in vitamins K, and C, various B vitamins, folic acid, and the minerals zinc, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, calcium, and iron. All of these have commendable properties, but their combined effect is truly significant. Pineapple juice aids digestion, supports the immune system, counteracts atherosclerosis, enhances resistance, and improves vision and heart function. Surprisingly, its sweetness also curbs the desire for sweets. Opting for this nutritious beverage over empty-calorie sweets like gummy bears or candies is, without a doubt, a better choice.

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