LifestyleDress to impress: Top picks for the perfect holiday outfit this season

Dress to impress: Top picks for the perfect holiday outfit this season

Which dress should I choose for the holidays?
Which dress should I choose for the holidays?
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6:44 PM EST, December 8, 2023

Still unsure about your holiday outfit? Don't worry. We've prepared a treat for all the ladies: a subjective review of the most beautiful dresses for this year's festive season.

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Christmas is fast approaching, which means it's time to think about special outfits. During this magical time, an elegant blouse-skirt or blouse-trousers combo, a suit, jumpsuit, or dress can be your go-to outfit. However, dresses are most often the popular choice.

Still pondering over what outfit to choose this year to feel beautiful and amaze your loved ones? We propose some options that impressed us the most. Among the selections, there are also models from luxury brands that you can rent. Allow yourself to be enchanted and inspired.

Holiday dresses from mall brands

Velvet is an incredibly showy, elegant fabric, making it perfect for Christmas. Among the models available in popular clothing chains, the black midi dress from Zara, featuring a simple cut with long sleeves and a closed neckline embellished with small crystal applications, stands out.

Velvet dress from Zara
Velvet dress from Zara© Press materials

Nothing feels more festive than a red dress. An outfit in this color is always a great choice. The red dress model impresses mainly with its heart-shaped neckline and puffy sleeves that end with narrow cuffs, adding a special virtuosity to the outfit.

Red Mohito dress
Red Mohito dress© Press materials

If you lean towards minimalism and chic elegance, consider a blazer cut dress. H&M's collection features a black, double-breasted blazer dress made of a shiny material that looks like it came straight from a high-end fashion house.

Navy blue H&M dress
Navy blue H&M dress© Press materials

Considering a dress in snowy white? It would be perfectly thematic and classic. Massimo Dutti offers a mid-calf, straight-cut dress with a halter neckline. But it's the dress's frayed material that resembles feathers that truly stun.

White Massimo Dutti dress
White Massimo Dutti dress© Press materials

For ladies who appreciate modesty, Sinsay offers a knee-length dress made of soft knitwear in a sea shade. What sets this dress apart is its delicate draping, which gives the dress a unique, intriguing aesthetic.

Draped dress Sinsay
Draped dress Sinsay© Press materials

Our holiday lineup wouldn't be complete without mentioning sequins, which are everywhere during December. A silver mini-dress works perfectly for women who enjoy a touch of stylistic extravagance during the holidays. If that's not your style, consider saving it for New Year's Eve. The sequin dress model from H&M is ideal as it combines the ornateness of sequins with a very simple silhouette.

H&M sequin dress
H&M sequin dress© Press materials

H&M also offers a unique mini dress embellished with flounces made of sheer material from top to bottom. It's a show-stopper that is perfect for a company Christmas party or a pre-Christmas gathering with friends.

Dress with ruffles H&M
Dress with ruffles H&M© Press materials

Rentable creations

Looking for sequin gloss, frills, and a charming cut? The Self Portrait dress combines all of these features and can be rented online on the Love The Dress platform. If you dream of a luxury dress, but don't want to break the bank, this could be your opportunity.

Ornate Self Portrait dress
Ornate Self Portrait dress© Press materials

If you're buying a dress for a one-off event which is then destined to languish in the closet, it might not be worth the investment. This is where renting comes in handy. Decking out in a luxury dress is now possible, thanks to Love The Dress. Consider their red, flowing satin dress with a Paprocki & Brzozowski label - it's just right for the festive season.

Flowing dress by Paprocki & Brzozowski
Flowing dress by Paprocki & Brzozowski© Press materials
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