NewsDramatic fall of Russian aircraft sparks claims from Ukraine

Dramatic fall of Russian aircraft sparks claims from Ukraine

In Russia, a Tu-22 bomber crashed. "It was shot down."
In Russia, a Tu-22 bomber crashed. "It was shot down."
Images source: © Telegram, Vladimir Vladimirov

6:07 AM EDT, April 19, 2024

A Russian bomber has reportedly crashed under dramatic circumstances, with Ukrainian forces claiming responsibility for downing the aircraft. This incident adds a new layer of tension between the two nations amid ongoing conflicts. The claims have not been independently verified, but they mark a significant escalation in the military engagements in the region.

Vladimir Vladimirov, the governor of Stavropol Krai, was the first to announce the Tu-22M3 crash on his Telegram channel. According to his report, the tragedy unfolded in a field within the Krasnogvardeysky District.

The announcement came shortly after midnight Eastern Time, following the cessation of an air raid alarm in Ukraine. This period saw Dnipro and Odesa as focal points of Russian missile activity.

Vladimirov relayed that the aircraft's crew had a narrow escape, managing to eject before the crash. While three crew members were fortunately found alive but injured, efforts to locate the fourth member are ongoing.
The governor urged caution regarding the information source: "Updates will be provided as we have them. Do not fall for unverified reports. Rely only on official information."

"It was shot down"

Claims have also emerged from the Monitor channel on Telegram, known for tracking Russian aviation, asserting that the Ukrainian forces are responsible for the bomber's downfall. "This marks the first incident of a strategic aircraft being shot down by Ukraine since the onset of the Russian invasion," the channel reported, also sharing the video of the ablaze aircraft crashing.
The Russian Ministry of Defense responded to the incident with a brief statement, refuting claims that the aircraft was shot down.
"A Tu-22M3 plane of the Russian Aerospace Forces crashed in Stavropol territory after completing a combat mission and on its return to the home base. The pilots ejected," the statement outlined.

The ministry further noted that initial investigations point to a "technical malfunction" as the cause of the crash, stressing that the aircraft was not carrying ammunition at the time.

Situated in the Caucasus, Stavropol Krai forms part of Russia's southern realm within its European territory. It shares its northern border with the Rostov Region, located near Ukraine.

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