EntertainmentDrake's new face tattoo features an Arabic inscription

Drake's new face tattoo features an Arabic inscription

Drake got his face tattooed.
Drake got his face tattooed.
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6:02 AM EST, November 23, 2023

Canadian rapper Drake recently got a face tattoo with an Arabic inscription. Here's the breakdown of what Drake's new tattoo conveys.

Drake, the celebrated rapper and singer from Toronto, Canada, is renowned for chart-topping hits like "One Dance" and his latest, "IDGAF". Beyond his music, the artist's body art tells a story, too. Drake has just added one more tattoo to his collection on his face. This new tattoo stands out among the myriad others adorning his head.

Drake Displays a New Tattoo on His Face

Drake was spotted by a photographer at Tyrone "T-rex" Edwards' Nostalgia Party. On November 18th, Brent Kore captured an image of the rapper showcasing his new tattoo. The snap quickly circulated among fans on Instagram after Kore posted it.

The rapper's new tattoo reads "Miskeen", derived from the Arabic word "miskin". The word translates to poor or unhappy. According to the University of Toronto Magazine, in the vernacular of Drake's home city, it signifies a "pitiful person or situation". The tattoo is located on Drake's left eyebrow arch. As yet, Drake has not offered any commentsabout his new tattoo.

Fans are perplexed by Drake's decision, given that "'Miskeen' is an Arabic term denoting someone poor or hopeless. The guy lives in a $150 million residence", "What could have prompted him to do this?", "I wish this was a joke".

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