EntertainmentDrake bets big on alter ego Anita Max Wynn, gives away $1M and sparks internet meme frenzy

Drake bets big on alter ego Anita Max Wynn, gives away $1M and sparks internet meme frenzy

Drake revealed a new alter ego
Drake revealed a new alter ego
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7:44 PM EST, December 27, 2023

Known also as Aubrey Drake Graham, Champagne Papi, The Boy, and now Anita Max Wynn, the Toronto-based rapper introduced his new alter ego, inspired by his affinity for gambling, during a live broadcast on the Kick service where he gave away a total of $1 million to his fans.

Introducing Anita Max Wynn, Drake's New Alter Ego

"Bros, I brought a hat with me I need for the stream right here. This is my alter-ego, Anita Max Wynn" - Drake announced, switching to a feminine accent.

The name Anita Max Wynn is a play on words, sounding similar to the phrase "I need the max win", which in gambling parlance means "I need the maximum win". This new alter ego, Anita Max Wynn, has also seen the release of associated merchandise, such as the hat showcased on the live stream.

The Internet Reacts to Anita Max Wynn

Internet users are no strangers to making memes of Drake. He first became a meme with the song "Rich Flex" featuring 21 Savage and the iconic line "21, can you do somethin' for me?". Then, fans mocked Drake's quirky interjections in the song "IDGAF" featuring Yeat. In keeping with this trend, we now see amusing animations featuring Anita Max Wynn in the spotlight.

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