EntertainmentDragon girl Amber Luke spends $180,000 on extreme body transformation

Dragon girl Amber Luke spends $180,000 on extreme body transformation

She spent $180,000 on body modifications. She got herself horns.
She spent $180,000 on body modifications. She got herself horns.
Images source: © AmberLuke666, Instagram

3:37 PM EDT, May 30, 2024

Amber Luke is known online as Dragon Girl. She is covered in tattoos from head to toe, and she recently dared to undergo a procedure that makes her resemble a lizard even more.

Tattoos or piercings in visible places no longer cause a sensation. Many people have their entire bodies covered in ink; such adornments are no longer associated with a criminal past. However, controversy continues to be stirred by face tattoos or many piercings. In pursuit of a unique appearance, some people go a step further and begin modifying their bodies. In these procedures, the only limitations are imagination and money, as specialists charge hefty fees for drastic changes.

Cyborgs, goblins, dragons, demons, spiders, devils are a few common inspirations for those who abandon their former appearance for a complete transformation. One of them is Amber Luke, better known as Dragon Girl. Dragon Girl recently made another significant change and implanted horns.

She spent over $180,000. She showed the results

Amber Luke is known as the most tattooed Australian in the world. The most hardcore thing Dragon Girl has done is tattoo her eyeballs. After this incident, she lost sight for three months, but - as you can see - it did not stop her from altering her appearance. Additionally, she has a forked tongue, subdermal piercings, breast augmentation surgery, and a butt lift. The implantation of horns is not the end of her journey.

The influencer shared photos after the procedure. The locations of the stitches are visible. Her fans are delighted and cheer Dragon Girl on with her further body modifications. They are curious about how far Amber Luke will go. Appetite comes with eating, right? So far, Dragon Girl has spent $180,000.

She spent £144,000 on body modifications. She got herself horns.
She spent £144,000 on body modifications. She got herself horns.© AmberLuke666, Instagram
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