Tips&TricksDon't trash your garlic peels: Surprising uses for longevity of veggies and pest control

Don't trash your garlic peels: Surprising uses for longevity of veggies and pest control

Garlic peel can be very useful at home.
Garlic peel can be very useful at home.
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1:58 PM EST, January 5, 2024

Garlic is a powerful ally in fighting off colds, and forms an integral part of numerous dishes thanks to its distinctive taste and spicy note. Yet, while we rely on it to enrich our meals, we often overlook the potential of its peel. Just like the pulp, the peels hold value. So, what can you do with garlic peels?

Preserve freshness with garlic peels

Many of us have been guilty of discarding garlic peels into the bin, unfortunately wasting a valuable asset. These peels can prove exceptionally useful, particularly when you aim to prolong the life of your pantry vegetables. A remarkably simple method involves scattering the peels amongst stored produce to prevent rapid spoilage. Still unsure? Give it a try - the results will speak for themselves.

Garlic peels - a natural pest repellent

If your indoor plants are being tormented by red spider mites or aphids, you might be desperate for an effective solution to eliminate these nuisances. These pests can wreak havoc on your plants' health, necessitating prompt action. You can prepare a homemade spray that will successfully eradicate these uninvited guests.

Collect garlic and onion peels, both boasting repellent properties, and soak them in water for four days. Strain the mixture and transfer it to a spray bottle. Regular applications to your plants several times a week can swiftly resolve the pest issue. This spray is also useful for outdoor garden plants, especially during sprig and summer months.

How can you quickly peel garlic?

Now that you have learned the valuable uses of garlic peels, how do you efficiently separate them from the cloves? A simple jar shaking trick makes it effortless. Simply place a head of garlic in a jar, secure the lid, and vigorously shake. The peels will naturally detach from the cloves!

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