LifestyleDon't trash those shells: The right way to dispose of eggshells

Don't trash those shells: The right way to dispose of eggshells

Do not throw egg shells into the mixed waste bin
Do not throw egg shells into the mixed waste bin
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7:02 PM EDT, June 4, 2024

Proper waste segregation should become a habit. However, many people still make the same mistakes—this also applies to disposing of eggshells. Do you also throw them in the wrong place?

Waste segregation is significant. It helps reduce the amount of trash that pollutes the soil and decreases the use of natural resources through recycling.

Despite its importance, awareness of proper waste disposal remains low. Today we focus on eggshells, often in bins designated for mixed waste. Unfortunately, this is not the correct method.

Don't throw them in with the mixed waste. Eggshells belong somewhere else

It turns out that eggshells should be placed in the bio-waste bin. According to the portal "sort by 5," the waste in these bins "is processed aerobically in composting facilities." The waste then goes through three stages of composting:

  • Biostabilization involves shredding and then decomposing the waste under higher temperatures and appropriate oxygen levels. The right temperature eliminates parasites and pathogenic microorganisms from the waste.
  • Compost stabilization involves "maturing" the hot compost mixed with soil. It takes about one to two months.
  • Selection: Here, the mature compost is sorted by size and then transported.

On the same portal, it is also mentioned that only eggshells should be thrown into biowaste, while egg whites and yolks should be thrown into mixed waste.

What about egg cartons?

When it comes to empty egg cartons, it's easy to make a mistake in waste segregation again. Even though they are usually made of cardboard, they should not always go in the paper bin. If the cardboard is stained with grease or egg, it should go in with the mixed waste. Only clean containers can be thrown out with paper. It's also good to know that cardboard packaging can be broken into smaller pieces and thrown into the compost bin.

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