TechDonors support Ukraine with medical evacuation helicopter amid Russian conflict

Donors support Ukraine with medical evacuation helicopter amid Russian conflict

Mi-2AM-1 in the service of Ukrainians
Mi-2AM-1 in the service of Ukrainians
Images source: © X, @front_ukrainian
6:16 PM EST, January 25, 2024

A press release noted that the helicopter was made available to the Ukrainians thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, part of the "Arm Ukraine" initiative.

"We are deeply grateful to all the citizens of Poland, whose donations allowed for the purchase of this crucial medical evacuation helicopter, and also to the organizers of this charitable cause - journalist Bożydar Pająk, activist Nadiya Moroz-Olszanska, and lawyer Chrystyna Potapenko," mentioned the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence.

The Mi-2 M-1 is primarily used for rescue operations. The fundraisers and the Ukrainian parties involved have emphasized that it was quickly commissioned and sent to combat zones to evacuate the wounded close to the frontline. The helicopter can carry three lightly injured patients or one critically wounded individual who requires immediate medical aid and needs to be airlifted to the nearest medical facility as soon as possible.

Mi-2 AM-1 in service of Ukraine. This is a gift from Poland

Two engines power this helicopter, which can attain a top speed of approximately 124 mph.

Two particularly significant aspects of this donation deserve mention. First, the Ukrainians were given fully operational equipment, ready for immediate deployment. Second, the fundraiser ensured the procurement of necessary onboard medical equipment. This includes a respirator, defibrillator, oxygen inhalation module, and supplies for airway clearance. The medical equipment was procured from the Swiss company Weinmann. The onboard navigation equipment for the Mi-2 M-1 is a product by Garmin.

Another point that the fundraiser organizers emphasized is that the helicopter was sourced from Ukraine. This not only bolsters the local industries but also suggests an assured availability of spare parts should the necessity arise.

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