LifestyleDog's ear scratching: Could it signal a serious health issue?

Dog's ear scratching: Could it signal a serious health issue?

Why does the dog scratch its ear?
Why does the dog scratch its ear?
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9:04 PM EDT, May 18, 2024

The owner is responsible for carefully observing their pet. Only in this way can one determine if something is wrong. Not everyone knows that seemingly ordinary scratching around the ear can have significant meaning.

How can we recognize if our dog is in pain? Unfortunately, animals cannot tell us directly when something is wrong. However, they send us signals to indicate that something terrible is happening. One of these signals should never be ignored.

Why does the dog scratch its ear?

Shaking the dog's head and constantly scratching its ear can have several causes. Sometimes, something itches, and the dog deals with the problem this way. If it happens sporadically, we can rest easy.

However, if the pet does this more frequently, we should immediately pay attention. Sometimes, it is a way for the dog to signal to the owner that something is hurting. Often, it turns out that the pet is dealing with an ear infection, which, if untreated, can even lead to hearing loss.

Swelling and redness, which can also appear, should not be ignored. Brown, characteristic discharge coming from our pet's ear should also concern us.

If we suspect the dog might have ear problems, we must promptly go to the veterinarian, who will thoroughly examine the pet and prescribe the appropriate medication.

How to minimize the risk of ear infection in dogs?

Prevention is better than cure. This is why properly caring for a dog's hygiene, including its ears, is so important. First, regularly remove the excess wax accumulating in the ear canals.

If the pet has long, drooping ears, you should gently fold them outwards occasionally. This can be done, for example, when the animal sleeps peacefully. It is also essential to thoroughly dry the dog's ears after every bath.

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