LifestyleDog owners are delighted but shocked by Bark Air's pricey tickets

Dog owners are delighted but shocked by Bark Air's pricey tickets

Dogs can now travel on an airline created especially for them
Dogs can now travel on an airline created especially for them
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9:11 AM EDT, May 31, 2024

Bark Air, the only airline in the world exclusively for dogs, has already completed its first journey with pets on board. The emergence of such an airline has delighted many dog owners. However, they are less thrilled with the prices, which are indeed staggering.

Most airlines can transport small dogs, provided they fit in special carriers and do not exceed a specific weight. The guidelines vary depending on the carrier. Launching an airline for dogs is a true revolution in traveling with our pets.

Luxury for dogs

The new airline Bark Air advertises itself as the world's first carrier that prioritizes pets' comfort and considers their owners only afterward.

The airline for dogs has already completed its first flight. On May 22, six dogs of various breeds traveled with their owners from New York to Los Angeles. The pets can feel exceptionally special during the inaugural flight and every subsequent one. Everything is prepared with their comfort and safety in mind. For instance, treats are served throughout the flight, and the staff is equipped with toys, blankets, waste bags, and medications.

Prices are staggering

The airline's launch for dogs caused quite a stir in the aviation market. The idea has many supporters, but everyone agrees that ticket prices are exorbitant. The trip from New York to Los Angeles costs six thousand dollars. This ticket entitles both the pet and its owner to board. At this price, even two dogs can fly with one caregiver if their combined weight does not exceed 49 pounds. If taking only one dog, there are no restrictions on weight and breed.

The flight from New York to London is even more expensive. Such a trip costs a whopping eight thousand dollars. "We have pretty clear ways of bringing those prices down if the demand is there, and that’s what we aim to do. We want to make this affordable and accessible for as many dogs as possible," admitted Matt Meeker, CEO of Bark Air, as quoted by NPR.

Bark Air's social media shared reports showing what the first flight of the dog airline looked like.

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