LifestyleDoes your dog like to sleep with you? It sends an important signal

Does your dog like to sleep with you? It sends an important signal

Does the dog like to sleep with you? That means a lot.
Does the dog like to sleep with you? That means a lot.
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1:49 PM EDT, October 17, 2023

Should a dog sleep in the bed? Opinions on this matter are divided, and every owner will stick to their own. Instead of focusing on prohibitions, it’s worth considering why the dog behaves this way... And whose bed it chooses.

Based on the behavior of pets, we can infer a lot about their well-being in a given place. It is easy to understand whether a dog behaves freely in a certain space (or in someone's presence), or is rather stressed or even has anxiety attacks. This is particularly important in the case of animals with troubled pasts, which carry their traumas, sometimes very severe. It's worth paying attention to where the dog sleeps and whose company it values the most. In doing so, we'll learn more not only about our pet, but also about ourselves.

Why does the dog choose your bed? Here's one of the reasons

A dog will always choose the spot that is most comfortable. Therefore, it's no surprise that they are more tempted by soft pillows and freshly laundered linens, rather than a blanket on the floor. If your dog often sleeps in your bed, consider whether there might be something wrong with where his bed is located. Maybe it's too small or too hard? Maybe it's near the entrance, and frequently opened doors cause drafts? Dogs will not willingly lie in heavily trafficked hallways or transitional rooms, where there are lots of people. They need to have their own quiet, calm, and warm corner.

How does your dog sleep? It's a very important matter

It's worth paying attention to the position in which a dog sleeps. Calm and relaxed animals usually sleep on their side. If your dog lies down in such a way next to you, it means he feels comfortable and at ease with you. A special sign of trust is when a dog lies on its back with its paws spread out and its belly exposed. The pet is aware that you will never harm it, which is why it exposes its most sensitive parts of its body. In this way, it shows that it trusts you and is not afraid of you. If your dog lies in this way next to you in bed, it means it feels absolutely safe.

Whose bed will the dog choose? It's not a coincidence

The dog most often chooses the bed of the person it considers its owner. However, such a relationship doesn't come naturally, one must work for it. If you are the one feeding your dog at home, it's natural that a specific bond forms between you - you provide it with food, ensure that it's not hungry, and therefore take care of its welfare.

The same applies to playtime and walks, because a dog is more likely to bond with a person who devotes a lot of time and attention to them, rather than someone who treats walks as a necessary evil. Dogs can sense this right away and will surely not choose a negatively disposed person as their favorite. Therefore, remember: if a dog is currently sleeping in your bed, it means you are his favorite person. He trusts you implicitly and feels safe with you.

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