NewsDoes Ukraine stand without US support? Poll results are revelatory

Does Ukraine stand without US support? Poll results are revelatory

Ukraine without US support? There are poll results
Ukraine without US support? There are poll results
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3:55 PM EST, December 9, 2023

Nearly half of Americans support ongoing financial assistance for Ukraine. The greatest resistance to such support, notably for the nation helmed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, comes from Republicans, a faction that demonstrates increasing dissatisfaction over time.

To recap, a bill proposing $61 billion in aid for Ukraine was stymied by Republicans in the US Senate. This led to both parties resuming negotiations on stricter immigration laws, a pressing point of discussion among Republicans.

As reported by "The Wall Street Journal", White House officials have indicated willingness towards concessions, including agreements on topics that are "deeply unpopular amongst Democrats". These discussions are scheduled to resume this coming weekend.

So what's the perspective of US residents regarding aid for Ukraine? As per a survey conducted by "Ukrainian Truth", 47 percent of American respondents think that US. aid to Ukraine should either be maintained at its current level, or increased.

What do other results reveal? Roughly three in ten Americans (31 percent) think that the U.S. is over-supporting Ukraine in its conflict against Russia.

The proportion of Americans perceiving the U.S. as extending excess aid to Ukraine has gradually increased amidst the ongoing warfare, markedly so among Republicans. Prominent among them, former President Donald Trump has indicated that he would promptly address the warfare situation, should he return to power in the US.

Financial aid to Ukraine meets Republican resistance

As per the survey, 48 percent of Republicans, and those who skew Republican, believe that the U.S. is excessively aiding Ukraine. This viewpoint has marginally risen from a proportion of 44 percent in June, and is extraordinarily more compared to earlier phases of the combat.

A mere 16 percent of Democrats and their supporters perceive the current aid level to Ukraine as disproportionate. Around four in ten Democrats (39 percent) consider U.S. aid as being sufficient, while nearly a quarter (24 percent) opine that the U.S. isn’t providing enough support.

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