NewsDoes Putin want to end the war? Unexpected reports emerge

Does Putin want to end the war? Unexpected reports emerge

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

6:51 AM EST, November 23, 2023

In a recent virtual meeting of the G20 group, Vladimir Putin discussed the war with Ukraine. Surprisingly, the Russian leader seemed to express a desire to end the ongoing conflict.

The war in Ukraine has persisted for over a year and a half with no indications of it concluding in the near future. Regular combat continues in the eastern neighboring territory, with hundreds of soldiers losing their lives at the frontline daily. Unexpectedly however, according to Reuters reports, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, has expressed his views on the matter.

Reuters reports Putin's unexpected remarks made during the virtual summit of the G20 group. He addressed a concern shared by many leaders of the world's largest countries, regarding the ongoing Russian aggressive actions on Ukrainian soil.

Has Putin grown weary of war? He declares willingness to engage in peace talks

According to Reuters, Putin acknowledged that militaristic actions are always tragic. Furthermore, he suggested that it might be time to consider how to cease this conflict.

Simultaneously, the Russian leader assured that his nation has never rejected peace talks with Ukraine. Interestingly, Putin used the term "war" in his statements, even though the official Kremlin terminology refers to it as a "special operation".

Putin also drew parallels between the conflict in Ukraine and the battle between Israel and Hamas. He expressed understanding that the reality of war and the resultant loss of life can be shocking to observers.

Online, theories have emerged that Putin may be employing a ruse, trying to convince his G20 counterparts about his readiness for peace talks. There are also concerns that Putin may have utilized a body double during the talks.

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