LifestyleDodge the winter: Enjoy a sunny getaway to Cuba

Dodge the winter: Enjoy a sunny getaway to Cuba

Beach in Varadero
Beach in Varadero
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11:01 AM EST, January 22, 2024

Summer paradise

"Cuba is actively bolstering its image as a desirable holiday spot. Flights to this Caribbean jewel are available year-round, but the most popular period among tourists is from November to April. That's when the dry season is prevalent, and the risk of rainfall significantly decreases," explains Agata Biernat from the portal. "The journey aboard the Dreamliner takes about 11 hours, but the multitude of attractions at the destination is absolutely worth it."

Sights to see in Cuba

The most popular resort in Cuba is indeed Varadero. Visitors value this region due to it being home to the longest beach on the island, spaning over twelve miles, and a diverse range of hotels.

"There's an abundance of enormous resorts with an extensive infrastructure and a comprehensive range of attractions for both kids and adults. You can enjoy spas, fun activities, or spend your time actively by renting water bikes, kayaks or diving equipment - especially in Varadero where the conditions for water sports are excellent," encourages the expert. "The exquisite nature adds to the charm - hotels are often located by the beach and are encompassed by tropical gardens with lush vegetation."

During your stay on the island, it's a must to visit the capital, Havana, which is just about three hours away from Varadero. Parts of the movie "Dirty Dancing" were filmed there. You can admire the wonderful colonial-style buildings as well as the famous vintage cars and the lively residents dancing in the streets.

"The main attraction is Old Havana – a historical old town listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites," says Agata Biernat. "You can observe how Cuban cigars are made in the cigar factory, and in La Habana Vieja district, you can visit the favorite bar of writer Ernest Hemingway."

Cuba - tour costs and necessary documents

A week's stay in a four-star hotel in Varadero in late January to early February, with an all-inclusive package and a direct flight, can be booked at prices starting from $1,670 per person.

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A one-week vacation in March (including breakfast) may cost from $1,560 per person.

Note that a valid passport and a tourist card - tarjeta de turista is required to enter Cuba. It can be obtained at the Cuban embassy in Warsaw, but an appointment is needed. The tourist card costs around $21. Purchasing it through a travel agency or online is around $31. However, most tour providers, such as Tui or Rainbow, include its cost in the price of the tour.

On the streets or in the gates, you can catch locals dancing.
On the streets or in the gates, you can catch locals dancing.© Getty Images | Cristian Bortes / EyeEm
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