LifestyleDo you lock your door at night? Many have regretted it

Do you lock your door at night? Many have regretted it

Do you leave your key in the lock overnight? That's a mistake!
Do you leave your key in the lock overnight? That's a mistake!
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1:16 PM EDT, October 31, 2023

There are times when we lock our doors from the inside and leave the key in the lock, convincing ourselves it's a method that guarantees security and lets us sleep peacefully. Regrettably, this practice is a grave error, potentially making the job easier for would-be burglars.

How do we protect ourselves from break-ins? An understandable concern, given that we regularly receive warnings from the police about theft activities. Yet, in our attempt to secure our homes, we often employ ineffective measures that might expose us to an even greater risk of theft.

Leaving a key in the lock? It's a serious mistake that aids thieves

Leaving a key in the lock might seem like a reliable way to prevent burglaries, an approach many of us are particularly fond of implementing at night. We assume that as long as the lock is bound by the key, a thief will not be able to open the door. But this misconception increases the likelihood of a theft occurring while we are asleep ('sleepy burglary').

A key left in the lock overnight might just make things easier for a thief. How? With an uncomplicated picklock, burglars can easily turn the lock. There's no need for them to worry about unlocking latches, as the key sitting in the lock from inside has already taken care of that.

Protecting yourself from burglary

It's advisable to first invest in robust anti-burglary doors. Their very presence often serves to deter potential thieves. An additional security measure would be to install grilles on the windows, or at the very least, anti-burglary blinds - especially for those residing on the ground floor.

Further protection against burglars can be ensured by maintaining good relations with neighbours. They are often the first to notice something suspicious or if we fall victim to theft. In our absence, they can help keep a watch over our home by regularly checking on it, collecting mail from the mailbox, switching on lights, or opening the blinds. Actions such as these send a clear signal that the home is occupied, which could help deter potential thieves.

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