SportsDjokovic's outfit sparks media frenzy ahead of Roland Garros showdown

Djokovic's outfit sparks media frenzy ahead of Roland Garros showdown

Novak Djoković at Roland Garros 2024
Novak Djoković at Roland Garros 2024
Images source: © EPA, PAP | MOHAMMED BADRA

8:38 AM EDT, May 30, 2024

Journalist Matthew Futterman was appalled by Novak Djokovic's outfit. The American commented that it was more suitable for a barbecue than a press conference. Many people don't understand what Futterman is talking about.

Novak Djokovic slowed down after a sensational previous season, during which he won three Grand Slam tournaments. The Serbian recently revealed that in 2024, there is no event more important to him than the Olympic Games. The 37-year-old aims to prepare himself to win a medal for Serbia.

For now, Novak Djokovic is defending his title at Roland Garros. He has won on the clay courts in Paris three times: in 2016, 2021, and 2023. He is also seeded first this season and is one of the tournament's biggest stars.

Novak Djokovic met with journalists at a press conference in Paris. One of the greatest tennis champions is also an engaging speaker, sometimes even a showman, making the meeting with him a treat for journalists.

According to Matthew Futterman, Novak Djokovic should try harder when choosing an outfit for a press conference.

Novak Djokovic walked into the news conference room wearing a black lightweight jacket, and slacks more fitting for an early spring barbecue at a friend’s house than an assembly of reporters waiting for a 24-time Grand Slam champion in search of his 25th, describes Matthew Futterman in the New York Times.
Novak Djoković at a press conference in a criticized outfit
Novak Djoković at a press conference in a criticized outfit© Youtube

Serbians are defending the champion. Novak Djokovic's compatriots criticize the journalist or wonder what he means. The tennis player chose a quite elegant jacket from Lacoste. Even if he did not look elegant in it, he certainly did not look sloppy either.

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