Tips&TricksDIY knife sharpening: effective and budget-friendly method using clothespins

DIY knife sharpening: effective and budget-friendly method using clothespins

A clothespin can work like a sharpener.
A clothespin can work like a sharpener.
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3:22 PM EST, February 13, 2024

A dull knife can be more hazardous than you'd imagine. Trying to force a cut usually leads to accidents and injuries due to desperation. Many people constantly wonder, "How can I sharpen a knife without a proper sharpener?" There are several ingenious methods, and today we're discussing one such method. This do-it-yourself knife sharpener can match the efficiency of store-bought ones and costs next to nothing.

How to sharpen a dull knife at home?

Efficient cutting of meat or bread necessitates a sharp knife that skillfully portions the food. Old blades demand proper care and frequent sharpening. Stone sharpeners are very common but not everyone has one at home. If you wish to construct a homemade sharpener, you will need to get a few supplies.

The DIY home sharpener might appear nondescript, but it's effective enough to deal with the dullest knives, which are unfit for food preparation. For the sharpener, you require wooden clothespins (plastic versions aren't durable and may melt due to hot glue), hot glue, scissors, and a sheet of high-grit sandpaper. Just assemble a few components and your sharpener is ready to use!

How to fabricate a knife sharpener?

Once you have all the requisite supplies, commence by cutting the sandpaper into small strips equivalent in length to a clothespin's arm. The point where the two arms of the clothespin intersect should be glued, and then align the sandpaper strip so that it adheres to the joint and extends to partially cover the outer section of the clothespin as well. Repeat on both sides to create a sharpener at the juncture, which you'll utilize later.

Sharpening a knife with this clothespin is simple. Just attach the clip to the knife blade and slide it from the base to the tip. The sandpaper functions akin to a professional sharpener, yet the investment is minimal. These compact sandpaper-covered clips can be easily stored. Once the sandpaper wears out, and the sharpener is no longer effective, simply swap the sandpaper on the clip, and it's as good as new. This technique ensures a solution to dull knives, putting a sharpener within your reach at all times.

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