NewsDisturbing reports from Berlin. Someone is marking houses with the Star of David

Disturbing reports from Berlin. Someone is marking houses with the Star of David

Scandalous markings on blocks in Berlin
Scandalous markings on blocks in Berlin
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9:26 AM EDT, October 16, 2023

A scandalous situation occurred in Berlin, where on October 13, the Star of David was seen on the doors of some houses. Unknown perpetrators supporting the Palestinian Hamas are marking the homes of Jewish families in this way. The German police reacted to the incident.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict unfortunately also spills over into other parts of the world. Things are heating up in many cities in Europe, where demonstrations supporting Hamas and clashes with the police have occurred.

Reports from Berlin are disturbing. Individuals supporting Palestine have committed a racist and extremely nationalist act that is associated with the darkest times of World War II and the Holocaust.

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Unknown perpetrators painted Star of David's on the walls of apartment buildings and stairwells. These symbols are meant to mark the places where Jews live.

The Berlin police responded to scandalous incidents. The perpetrators of the incident are being sought. Officers encourage the local community to join the fight against the disturbing practice.

Police encourage residents among others to independently remove stars from the facades and doors of buildings.

Stars of David also started to appear on buildings in other places around the world, including at Jewish restaurants in Moscow.

Let's recall that Israel's war with Palestine may go into the ground phase in the coming days or hours. The Israeli military is already prepared to enter the Gaza Strip. They are only waiting for the command. This will certainly escalate the conflict.

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