NewsDisturbing footage from Russia. Black passenger assaulted

Disturbing footage from Russia. Black passenger assaulted

The beaten man ended up in the hospital.
The beaten man ended up in the hospital.
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7:44 AM EST, November 21, 2023

In Tver, Russia, a disturbing incident has recently come to light through social media. A black passenger on a city bus was subjected to a severely violent and racially motivated attack by a group of intoxicated individuals. Profanity-laden insults and derogatory terms were hurled at the victim, who was later admitted to the hospital with severe injuries.

On November 19, 2023, local law enforcement was summoned to a hospital situated in the western part of Tver. The hospital reported that one of their new admissions was a man who had been significantly brutalized.

Bus Assault Incident

The individual violated was a black man traveling on a bus when he fell victim to the attack. The incident was recorded by a witness, who, instead of calling the police, shared the footage on Telegram and VKontakte channels.

The video footage reveals several young men in the midst of assaulting a fellow passenger. Profanities and racial slurs could be heard. Eyewitness accounts suggest that the group responsible for the attack seemed to be drunkenly harassing the black passenger right from the moment he boarded the bus.

The bus driver responded to the ongoing altercation. The timeline when he contacted law enforcement or medical assistance remains unclear. As per the report by, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has started looking into this case.

The Zavolzhsky Police Department is presently working on the investigation into the public transportation assault. Efforts are underway to identify the assailants and potential witnesses to the event. The data collected will determine further procedural actions, as stated by the regional MSW center's press service.

The Ukrainian politician Anton Heraszczenko also made the recording public, drawing attention to the testimony of one of the witnesses. He highlighted an overlooked detail from the video linked to the incident.

Do not miss the ‘Z’ sticker on the bus door, as indicated in his note.
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