EntertainmentDisney proceeds ambitiously. "Frozen 4" is already in the works

Disney proceeds ambitiously. "Frozen 4" is already in the works

"Frozen" has seen two insanely popular parts.
"Frozen" has seen two insanely popular parts.
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6:43 AM EST, November 17, 2023

Disney has an established reputation for inundating audiences annually with various productions. It appears, however, that the studio has set its sights on expanding the "Frozen" franchise, given the astronomical commercial success achieved by the first two installments of this animation series.

The 2013 release of "Frozen" exceeded all expectations, becoming an unprecedented hit. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's "Snow Queen," this film grossed 1.276 billion dollars, making it the most lucrative animated film ever. It even broke into a peak position as the fifth-highest-grossing film overall. Six years later, in 2019, "Frozen's" sequel graced our screens, and incredibly, it proved even more lucrative.

The sequel commanded earnings of 1.453 billion dollars, edging it into the place of being the second-most popular animation of all time. Only the remake of "The Lion King", which was released the same year as "Frozen 2", amassed more revenue (1.66 billion dollars). In light of such profitable success, Disney has no intention of halting the "Frozen" saga. Even with a third installment currently in the pipeline, the studio has already begun development of a fourth production.

Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, divulged this information on "Good Morning America". "We're currently working on 'Frozen 3', and potentially a 4th part. At this stage, I can't share much about these upcoming releases. Jenn Lee, who directed the first two films, is diligently working with her team on crafting not one, but two further narratives," he revealed.

Will the subsequent releases continue to be so warmly received by the audience? Only time will reveal the answer. Nonetheless, one might venture to assume a positive reception. Disney's strategy with the "Frozen" franchise seems more reasonable than that of the Marvel cinematic universe, which appears to be exhausting its audience due to constant releases. Less frequent movie releases with significant quality control seem to be the way forward.

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