News"Disgrace". Israel's Ambassador protests after UN Decision

"Disgrace". Israel's Ambassador protests after UN Decision

Gilad Erdan - Israel's ambassador to the UN
Gilad Erdan - Israel's ambassador to the UN
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7:09 AM EDT, October 28, 2023

"Shame!" Israel's UN Ambassador, Gilad Erdan, exclaimed on Friday. He denounced the General Assembly's vote on a resolution that advocates for a "humanitarian ceasefire", a resolution that does not include any mention of Hamas, calling this omission a "disgrace".

"This is a dark day for the UN and humanity," said Erdan, assuring that Israel would persist in using "all means" within its power to "rid the world of the menace Hamas represents" and to "bring the hostages home".

Israel's stance on UN Resolution

According to the Israeli representative, this vote indicates that the majority of the international community opts to "support Nazi-like terrorists instead of standing with Israel".

Earlier on Friday, the UN General Assembly approved a resolution primarily proposed by Arab countries. This document—a first in response to the conflict—called for a "humanitarian ceasefire" between Israel and the Palestinian group, Hamas.

The resolution urges for an "immediate, lasting and sustained humanitarian ceasefire leading to a cessation of hostilities". It also calls on all parties to adhere to the principles of international law, particularly safeguarding civilians, schools, and hospitals. The nations also campaigned for the permission of delivering humanitarian aid.

However, the resolution omitted condemnation for Hamas's attacks on October 7th. The representative from Pakistan, one of the 22 countries proposing the resolution, clarified that such language was excluded because there was no specific condemnation of Israel. In his view, it is their occupation of Palestine that constitutes the "original sin" and the main driver of the conflict.

Many Western nations abstained from voting.

Their decision to abstain was predicated on the previous refusal of an amendment that would condemn Hamas's acts of terrorism and demand the release of hostages.

Here is how the votes were cast during the voting session at the UN General Assembly:

  • 120 countries voted in favor of the resolution,
  • 4 countries, including the US and Israel, voted against it,
  • 45 countries abstained from voting.
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